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April 22nd, 2020

There are a dizzying array of options when it comes to home workout equipment, supplements, food, and health related items. This page will focus on things that we think are quality items or we’ve found in our experience to be effective at its job. Feel free to always send us any questions at TeamSweat@IlluminateSweat.com

Exercise Equipment for On-the-Go, At Home, or to even pack in your gym bag!
What are resistance bands for?
Resistance Bands, also referred to as Hip circle bands, are excellent resistance added to leg workouts and even cardio. These bands are a must for anyone getting serious about fitness. Bands can help increase mobility, strengthen the hip flexors and glutes. They also are great to keep the knees turned out when doing squats and deadlifts. Many times they are used during warm up as well to activate the hip flexors and glutes.

Different Types of Bands

Rubber Hip Circles
Want a Band that does the trick & is cost effective? These are a great starter price point.
(theres others but these will work, price point good)

Cloth Hip Circles

Resistance Bands
Oh how you can really crush a workout with these! These bands are great because they have the added benefit of adding more than one band together, for a total of 100lbs. Another benefit of resistance bands is they can replace dumbells when you want to take your workout outside or on the go.

Large Rubber Bands
These thicker rubber resistance bands are actually harder to come by. These produce great resistance – from 40-80lbs, while also preventing rolling. These thicker bands will also generally last a longer than the lighter weight rubber bands.
Yall–this is cool. These adjustable fabric bands come with 3 bands, 2 fabric and a silicone band for your arms. Supermans will never be the same again! These bands also go up to a tension resistance of 240lbs. Nice.
Soft Shell Medicine Ball

Medicine Balls are a must for home workouts. These soft shell medicine balls are a great addition to any workout, and at an excellent price for the 20lb

Stability Balls
Stability Balls are essential to help you work your core and stabilizer muscles. You can make any workout more difficult by simply adding the element of a stability ball to it
Food Scale
Every fitness enthusiast needs a food scale. Measuring your food ensures you are getting the proper portions in regards to your weight and goals. Here’s our recommendation:
Yoga Mat
Need a little of your own space? We love the size of this yoga mat. Large enough to complete most workouts
Gym Step
What an amazing step. Steps can be utilized for so much in a home gym. Check out this adjustable step
Kettle Ball Converter
Wait whaaat! Kettleball converter. This is such a great tool to have for home gyms, or if you have to travel often. You do need a dumbell to insert into this in order for it to convert.
Knee Compression Wraps
We love ‘Merica and we also love our knees. So let’s take care of them both with these knee compression wraps

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